Jingle Bell Parade

by Teresa Jennings

This super simple marching song can be performed by any age group, but it will be the cutest with your youngest students. For older kids, the challenge comes from playing the written jingle bell rhythms. (You can find an extracted part on page 65.) You can use the part as it is, make it more challenging yet, or really simplify it for your little ones. The most basic thing is a straight quarter note pulse, played constantly. Or even letting them play freely however the mood strikes. Just in case, we have provided an alternate version of the accompaniment that leaves our jingle bells in for reinforcement. You can find this at our web site, free for subscribers. (See details on page 78.)

You can use this piece in performance at your holiday concert, or you might consider using it as a processional or recessional. After all, it's a march. Which just begs for marching steps to be included, even if just in place.

You will note that the verse is only sung at measure 9 the first time. This allows for an instrumental interlude, a pause in the singing, and a moment for the jingle bells to take the spotlight. If you'd rather keep the singing going right through, that's totally fine, too.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.