Twinkle Wink

by David & Anne Ellsworth

Stars and lights and things that shine are all around, especially during the holidays! (Though this song is not exclusive to that and could be used any time.) "Twinkle Wink" invites your youngest students to look around and find things that twinkle or shine. They can then demonstrate what a twinkle looks like with wiggling or pinching fingers in the air. (See footnotes on page 61.) Just a buoyant song that alternates twinkle actions and winking, it can also be used to help teach lessons on patterning (AB), left and right distinction, or simply coordinating actions with the lyrics.

The tune itself in the verse and chorus consists of even rhythms (nothing harder than a half note) surrounded by copious amounts of more complex acoustic and synthetic rhythms. This driving pulse inspires little kids to be engaged in the actions and really have some fun! Now teach them to follow the lyric cues to know when to "twinkle" and when to "wink," and you'll have a repetitive lesson that really teaches to the age.

Directional cues can be added at your discretion – left, right, or both eyes winking (that is, blinking – some kids "wink" with two eyes), and twinkling fingers and hands. With practice, they will shine.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.