O Laddie

by Dan Thieman & Teresa Jennings

Leprechauns, beware. It's that time of year once more when the enticement of a mystical pot of gold calls to lads and lassies near and far. In this story song, one such laddie even sails the sea to seek the treasure. (And would you believe he uses Irish stew as bait? Works every time!)

Your students will be able to perform this question and answer tune in time for St. Patrick's Day with no problem. It's not terribly long, and despite the 6/8 meter, it's not that difficult. A listen or two to the recording should do the trick nicely.

We suggest dividing your singers into two groups. This will facilitate singing the two parts, and will also clarify the questions and answers from one side to the other. If you do it in performance, have them face each other at least slightly as if they are actually having a conversation. A dancing leprechaun and laddie in the vicinity are optional, but would add a lively and appropriate touch.

Be sure to share the marvelous Celtic instrumental arrangement of this song with your students if you have time. Writer Dan Thieman has done an outstanding job of weaving intricate melodies, countermelodies, and rhythms together to create a charming bed for this light Irish tale.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.