Move It Or Lose It!

by John Riggio

A healthy lifestyle is good for everyone, regardless of age. Even as John was contemplating this song, he saw the need to pry himself off the sofa, away from the desk, and actually move a bit. It might interest your students to know that as they get older, they'll need to move, too. Exercise has so many benefits, like fighting heart disease and high blood pressure. It can improve your mood and boost your energy. When we say move it or lose it, we mean move your body, or lose the ability to do the things you want to do down the road. We either move it, or we atrophy.

To motivate your students, this song is set in a four-on-the-floor rock style. The music indicates accents on everything, which is how we played it in the studio. The section at 21 has a more legato feel, but it still drives. Sing this tune with energy!

For live performance, your students could use props, like jump ropes, or mini dumbbells, and maybe a towel around the neck, etc. But if you want to really make it a showstopper, you can add some of Melissa Schott's terrific choreography to it as well. You will find her video and teaching notes on our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.