This World And Me

by Karl Hitzemann

Do you remember what it was like when you were growing up? Trying to find your way, your place in life? It certainly wasn't always easy. You might have thought, "Where do I fit in? Are these the right friends for me? How do I make some of these difficult decisions?" Lately, I've been watching my own two daughters go through a bit of this, and I thought that maybe I could write a song that would, hopefully, help them understand that everyone goes through this to some degree at some point. And that much of what they are feeling is very natural. I'm sure that to a lot of today's youth this world looks rather harsh and mixed up. I think it's important to keep telling our kids that they matter. That they can make a difference. That mistakes aren't always bad, especially when you learn something from them. And perhaps, most important, that they are not in this alone.

The first verse and chorus of the song are sung in unison. You have the option of adding a second part from the second verse to the end of the piece. I think the harmony really adds to the message of hope, courage, and togetherness. It also provides a nice musical challenge for your choir. The accompaniment consists of piano, guitar, bass, drums, and strings. And while the recording really adds to the beauty of the song, performing it with just live piano accompaniment would be very simple and poignant. You might even consider having some of it sung by a soloist (the first verse for example). Or you could have the first two verses sung by different soloists. The whole song would also work very well as a duet. However you choose to perform it, hopefully the message will be heard, understood, and helpful. - KH

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.