Horace's Hedgehog

by Paul Jennings

There is a bit of an odd tale behind this new recorder tune. I have a mental list of favorite old jazz and pop tunes to pull from for inspiration, style, or sets of chord changes. High on this list is Horace Silver's "Song For My Father," from his iconic album of the same name. Well, last summer as I was thinking of what to write for this issue, I decided to do an homage to this tune by taking similar chord changes and the distinctive opening bass ostinato as the basis for a recorder original. In looking it up, I discovered that, sadly, Horace Silver had just passed away this past June. So I dedicate this easy-going, jazzy tune to his memory.

Actually, some of you, and some of the players on our session saw the opening measures, and thought: Steely Dan – "Rikki Don't Lose That Number." But no, Horace was there long before. The ostinato is the same, but they do such different things with it... and so do we.

Recorders need to play the notes low E, G, A, B, and C, and the rhythmic demands are fairly straight ahead, with the syncopated rhythm at bar 6 being the hardest thing they have to play. Early on and at the end, there are optional divisis that are easy to sort out but well worth it for the effect.

Online you will find several extras including a piano/recorder score and a BAG part so that your beginning players can play this, too. You will also find a winds only version and a rhythm only version that are just plain cool to hear.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.