Beads Of Purple

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

If your school is one that celebrates Mardi Gras, you will appreciate this simple movement song that focuses on one of the simpler, more childlike aspects of the holiday – beads! Notably ones that are purple, green, and, gold, of course.

As you might expect, the song is set in a Dixieland style, which means we also get to show off our featured Dixieland players on clarinet (Greg Imboden), trumpet (Joey Tartell), and trombone (Loy Hetrick).

The first time through the song, kids sing as indicated. The second time, the soli group plays while the kids do movements with their beads. The third time, you can either just have kids sing again or they can sing and do the bead movement. Here are some suggestions for movement to get you started. Alter as desired:

  • bars 5-6: shake purple beads to beat bars
  • 7-8: shake green beads to beat bars
  • 9-10: shake gold beads to beat bars
  • 11-12: shake all three beads to beat bars
  • 13-14: put on purple beads bars
  • 15-16: put on green beads bars
  • 17-18: put on gold beads bars
  • 19-20: shake beads to beat while wearing, remove beads during interlude if repeating movement
  • then after 3rd ending:
  • bar 23: lift purple beads
  • bar 24: lift green beads
  • bar 25: lift gold beads
  • bar 25 into 26: shake beads as indicated on music

Think of the beads as ribbons or scarves. Instead of shaking them, perhaps wave them. Be gentle though so that beads don't fall apart! Devise a routine where colors are alternated, separate, then combined.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.