Let's Make It Shine!

by Teresa Jennings

This lively, Broadway-style song is full of energy, joy, and anticipation of a holiday season filled with light. You could readily consider it a great opening song for your seasonal performances, but it will certainly add pizzazz to any part of your program, including the ending. It builds and soars, just as you would expect, with an ongoing pulse that keeps the musical excitement high.

We have designed it to work well as a unison piece, but if you can add the optional second part, the reward will be more than worth the effort. This is especially true at bar 35 (the second time) with the cascading thirds on the word "Glorious!" If you are uncertain about incorporating part 2 with your usual choir or class, we typically recommend supplementing with a few helpers from older classes, or even teachers or parents. And, of course, you can always use the full performance version of the song from our Performance/Accompaniment recording for reinforcement, if you wish. For help in teaching part 2, we have created an isolated rehearsal track for you to use. You can find this for free on our web site, MusicK8.com (See details in the box on page 76.)

If you decide to stage this song, the obvious addition of lots and lots of strings of lights is a must. You could even have a small group of performers pretending to gather and put up some lights. (But just pretending. The real ones should already be up, safely installed by qualified adults.) During the song, have certain strings or groups of lights turned on at specific points until they're all on, literally making it shine!

Note: If you can, discuss safety issues surrounding holiday lights and decorations, especially regarding electricity and fire. Be sure the lights you use are UL listed, and check for frayed wires, etc. Invite your local fire department to give a talk about all of this. Keep your principal in the loop as well, and perhaps you could have an all-school focus: a safe and happy holiday.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.