Holly And Ivy And Evergreen

by Teresa Jennings

This is a very pleasant song – gentle and folksy, but with a distinct pop flavor and halftime groove that inspires an easy pulsing action. You might even see a little head bobbing and shoulder swaying finding its way into your performance. It just feels right.

Holly and ivy are classic holiday elements often sung about, especially relating to Christmas. In this song however, they are joined by evergreen – also a holiday classic. And because the lyrics refer merely to the beauty of the greenery and the feelings it evokes, you can let audiences infer deeper meanings like holidays, Christmas, or winter. Of course, the use of the fa la la's helps in that direction, too.

Our older singers in particular enjoyed this tune, as we suspect yours might as well. It's got a familiar sound, melody, and progression, and may well remind them of other favorite pop songs they enjoy. To add an element of surprise and even challenge, there is an optional second part that only comes in during the coda. It's a bell-like countermelody and is not only lovely, but fun to sing, once they get it. To help them do that, we have created a rehearsal part and put it on our web site free for you. (See details on page 77.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.