Snow Cow

by David & Anne Ellsworth

We live in the land of snow here in Wisconsin, U.S.A. And among the many iconic things that are also part of our area are dairy cows. They are common sights, dotting our hillsides and farmlands. We love them. So needless to say, when we have snow sculpture events throughout the state during the winter months, cows are invariably part of the scene. Hence the inspiration for this lighthearted primary tune.

Perfect for your youngest students, the song is sung, spoken and danced. The groove is repetitive and full of percussion and yummy piano riffs (played by Zach Lapidus) to inspire plenty of energy from your youngsters. The verses consist of a sung statement, then a spoken comment or question by a person or group. And it repeats. It's silly fun!

We've written in movements for you to follow at the dance section at 13 which also serves as the chorus of the song. These are just suggestions, so feel free to adapt them any way you like. An addition or substitution to the movements we've suggested would be to mimic the movements of building a snow cow. What would that be like? Great for imaginative play.

Also consider asking your students, if they could build a snow cow, what would she look like? What would she wear? Would she have a hat or a scarf like her snowman friends? Maybe they could draw pictures of their snow cows to share with each other or use in a performance. If they do, be sure to take pictures of their creations and send them along. We'd love to see!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.