Zombie Style

by Teresa Jennings

This song is available as a single.

We had waaaay too much fun with this song. But we couldn't help ourselves. Given the extreme popularity and familiarity of Psy's big video hit, "Gangnam Style," and the natural, infectious urge to move to it, we determined a parody would be the perfect ending to our spooky revue. And parody it is! If you listen carefully, you will hear that our melodies, etc., are not the same as the original, though they are definitely similar! Similar enough to fool most listeners (without breaking copyright laws!).

Plugging in the juicy movie thriller effects like the pipe organ and theremin were naturals. But the real fun comes from the zombies. Your kids will get to act extreme in many ways – singing, speaking, groaning, dancing, you name it. The best way to learn/teach this piece is by going over it with the recording a few times. Listen to what our kids did and either imitate or adapt. We have included a couple of extra versions of the tune on the recording that might help in your situation. One of them is a full performance (our kids speaking/singing the regular vocal line), but it has no spoken dialog/zombies. The other version is an instrumental track version that does not have the speaking/singing lines, but does have the spoken dialog/zombies.

Given that this is the finale of the revue, feel free to play it again to use as bow music. The opener "Spooky Night" would also make good bow music. Play all and fade as needed, or do a full or adapted performance to finish it. We're so confident that your kids will enjoy this one, we are inviting them to create their own "Zombie Style" moves to share in a video contest!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.