Leprechaun Leap

by Teresa Jennings

While this song was actually intended to be a Celtic hip hop tune for your youngest/primary students, turns out the older kids might like it, too. The words, melody, and rhythms are extremely basic so that it's super easy for little kids to learn and do the actions, which are also extremely basic – all they do is jump. But as the song says, they have to go deep. Which means bending the knees. We have allowed a whole measure for just this part, with the actual jump also taking a measure. This is indicated on the music as a guide, but as always, you can alter it any way it works for your students.

The quirky sax/penny whistle motif going on during the movement is pretty nifty. If you can take a moment to point it out to the kids, please do. A little Celtic, a little hip hop, it sticks with you, so consider yourself warned!

Obvious costuming ideas for performance include wearing all green or even dressing like little leprechauns. Shamrocks, rainbows, and a pot of gold or two would make it ideal for a St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.