Open The Window!

by Teresa Jennings

Here's a song for spring that's plain ol' fun to sing. It's a folk style tune with a touch of western flavor a la Aaron Copland in its use of an orchestra and traditional folk instruments. If you play the instrumental version of the tune, your students should be able to hear the orchestra fairly clearly, as well as the banjo, which sort of noodles around throughout the tune after its entrance at measure 6. The addition of claps on the offbeats at the chorus each time also emphasizes the easy-going style. These are optional, of course.

The vocal part includes opportunities for optional solo work during the verses. Our recording demonstrates how this would work. A soloist sings a "call," and the rest of the group "responds." Then they all sing together at the chorus, breaking into parts, if you wish. Be sure they sing out in a robust manner at this point. Ditto the coda, starting with the rousing "Oh!" that slides into measure 28. To help singers learn part 2, we have created a rehearsal track and put it online for ease of access. (See details on page 65.)

If you use this song in performance, some simple square dance movement during the chorus might be effective. Just having a few couples hook arms and swing around, reversing directions for variety could be plenty to give it punch. Square dance outfits including bandanas and big skirts might be fun, too. And if you're doing a spring show with a folk, western, or country theme, this song would fit right in.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.