Marching Rhythm

by Teresa Jennings

Wishing to do a lesson on rhythm, keeping a steady beat, 2/4 meter, marching, or playing classroom percussion? This song should help with all of the above. It's also a nice, easy marching band tune to just sing, march, and play along with. There are four clicks prior to measure one to cue a beginning for the marching and percussion players. The marching can start right at the top and continue throughout. It can be done in place or with a route that you pre-determine. (Keep it safe – like no steps.) Use a leader or "drum major," giving students a chance to alternate the role.

The percussion is very simple, and though there are a few more complex rhythms than just quarter notes, you can adapt them any way you like, easier or harder. The percussion you use is also adaptable. We suggest high drums and low drums, but use what you have. You'll note the cowbell part comes and goes on the music. This is a great chance for more advanced players who can confidently follow the slightly more difficult road map.

The singing part is also easy and simple so that you can let marchers sing simultaneously. There are breaks in the vocal lines which allow the percussionists to take the spotlight for a moment or two. Whether singers also play or players also march is up to you.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.