Force Fields

by David & Anne Ellsworth

When David and Anne's kids were younger, they loved to enact favorite scenes from shows with superheroes, battling the bad guys for play time dominance... or a favorite toy. Hence the inspiration for this fun kid imagination song. It combines patterned movements with singing, offering to inspire your own young classes.

The song is creative and has an easy melody rhythm. There are four verses, but you can repeat the first two to simplify it. The verses describe situations when a kid might want to engage a "real" force field if he could.

The chorus switches rhythmic style with drums playing toms and a wonderful bass solo (played superbly by bassist Steve Dokken). The solo piano from the beginning reappears to add support to the kids, though the melody is simple here.

There are suggested movements for the ends of phrases in both the verses and chorus which are written in the printed music, so be sure to check them out. If these don't quite work for you, change them! Or use them differently. For example, start sooner in the phrase.

At the chorus, the force field motion is something your own students should invent. They could collectively come up with an action they all do together, or you could have them do unique ones individually or by groups. Here's a suggestion in case you need help getting started: Bend your arms at the elbows with your hands in a fist, facing up. Pull your forearms together, then apart to create your own "force field" movement.

May the force field be with you. (Had to say it...)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.