This Candy Has Words

by Teresa Jennings

Sometimes we're just so silly. Take this Valentine song for example. You start listening to it, and you hear this edgy, bluesy rock piece. The vocals are belted out to the thumping of the drums and the punctuated horn band. But the words... Candy, oh so sweet? Little hearts with special messages? Yeah, we're silly.

It gets even sillier when you get to the chorus and the spoken solos start in. Contrasting with the raucous background music, we suddenly hear nicey nice voices reading the words off of their candy hearts. You don't have to go this far in your performance if you don't want to, but our singers had a good time out "cute-ing" each other to pull off the difference between styles.

The solo words we used are typical of what you might find on a candy heart. But there are a lot more to choose from, so you could let your students use different ones. They could also invent their own! If you go this route, however, preview what they will be using lest anything rude show up unexpectedly.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.