I'm Letting It Go

by Teresa Jennings

Forgiveness is one of the toughest things to do. And yet, holding on to hurt can be more detrimental to us than letting it go. That's the message of this song and one that aims to teach that release is part of the process that leads to a happier life. Again, the script that leads up to the song goes into detail about this. It states and restates the case for finding peace through letting go in the hopes that it might resonate with at least some who hear the message. If you have time to discuss this with your students, include the lyrics to the song as well. It's pretty heavy stuff, but important. You might even want to bring the school counselor in when you do this in case there are questions you'd like help fielding. As with the prior song, this one could be used outside of the revue.

"Big ol' rock ballad" perfectly describes the song. It is replete with electric guitars, bass, and drums, as you will hear on the recording. We'd like to give a nod to our solo guitarist, Sandy Williams, for his outstanding work on this one.

Technically, there are two vocal parts, the second one being optional as usual for us. However, the minor overlap of these parts can be worked around by combining them and treating the overlap as divisis. This might be helpful if you have a smaller group.

Again, there are scoops indicated for singers. Especially if you allow them to belt in a chest voice, these will work out nicely if you decide to include them.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.