Mittens And Gloves

by Anne Ellsworth/Teresa Jennings

Here's a charming ditty written just for your youngest singers. The subject of mittens and gloves is a good one for little kids, as they know what they are and can readily share their knowledge through song with an audience. It's also perfect for seasonal or winter performances.

This song is super easy and has a delightful bounce made more fun by the saxophone quartet on the recording. Let your singers join our singers for additional reinforcement in concert if needed.

We have included some simple movement to go along with this tune. Most of it is for the hands, but all of it is easy. It is indicated on the piano/vocal part above the vocal staff. Use it as is, or adapt as you like. To clarify the one unusual instruction at measure 19: This is the hand gesture that the character Wallace (of the animated Wallace And Gromit™ features) uses sometimes. Probably too subtle, but very amusing if you get it.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.