The Oatmeal Song

by John Riggio

High in fiber! Lowers cholesterol! Tasty! Stops knocking and pinging in older vehicles! Okay, we made up that last one, but oatmeal has a lot going for it, and since January is Oatmeal Month, we wanted to write a song about it.

This tune is written in the style of an old-timey jingle, complete with arch top guitar and upright bass contributing to the boom-chick of the song. Pick a student to do the optional announcement just before the song: "And now, a public service announcement from The Oatmeal Advisory Board." The melody is mostly pretty simple, but there are a couple of tricky spots where some of the words can make it challenging, like "opportunity" and "immunity." (Hey, it had to rhyme!) To assist with these tricky spots, we've added a guide melody on the piano. This tune should be bouncy, so make sure your students sing it that way. Now, go have a bowl of oatmeal. We hear it's good for you!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.