Olympic Anthem

by Spira Samara/adapted by Christopher Ryder

Although it is too late for the recent winter Olympics, this idea can be used in the future or for the upcoming summer Olympics.

Our school is having a school-wide Olympics unit. Students must complete ten activities in different subjects. For example: write a report on a medalist from Olympics in the past. Also included in the ten are projects in P.E., Art, and Music.

To satisfy the music requirement, students learn "The Olympic Anthem," and perform for the class either in a solo or group. Students who do not wish to sing may do a report on the history of the anthem.

The original Olympic Anthem, "Inno Olimpico," by Spira Samara, was written in 1896. The text, by K. Palama, has been translated from Greek to Italian to English. Needless to say, it has lost its true spirit in the translation. The original anthem is also seven pages long, and scored for SATB.

I have adapted the first several measures of the piece into a simpler tune for the students to sing. I have also made up a new text, to truly capture the Olympic spirit for the children.

contributed by Chris Ryder

Ed. Note: We want to really thank Chris for bringing this song to our attention. Since so many of you have asked about more complete accompaniments to some of the Network songs, this arrangement and recording on the tape are an experiment. The universal appeal of the Olympics seemed to make it a natural. Let us know what you think.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.