Boomwhacker® Photos

Tracy King has her students play the major scale in various ways.

Monica Autry uses Boomwhackers® in her Centers In Music activities.

Anne Lyon's students learn the scale and learn about the science of sound.

Here's a helpful, easy Boomwhacker® storage idea.

In 2001, Plank Road Publishing employees honored Paul and Teresa Jennings by playing "Whacky March From The Nutcracker."

Lisa Wichman directed a group of moms playing "Whacky March."

RaeAnna Goss teaches her first graders about rhythm with a PowerPoint presentation and Boomwhackers®.

Debby Fabian's classes perform "BAGga Lagga Whack Whack" with Boomwhackers® and recorders.

Teresa Ramey's 5th grade class plays "Island Whackers."

Patti Millius' students love their Boomwhackers®.

Anne Lyon directs school staff performing "A Joyous Holiday For Joyous Instruments."