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Centers in Music "I have been using learning centers in my music classroom for the past couple of years. Children love the variety of activities and the freedom to move about the room. The centers are used to reinforce and practice skills learned from a lesson or a series of lessons. I teach grades kindergarten through fourth. One of the centers focuses on Boomwhackers®. Words Make Rhythm/Boomwhackers® I attach words from a song being studied to the wall with Velcro. Students must match the notes to the words. Note cards are in baskets and are also attached with Velcro. The words are color coded so students can play the song on Boomwhackers®. This center is a great way to show what a correlation there is between learning music and learning to read literature. I teach rhythm through word association - one sound or syllable on a beat line is ta, two short sounds are ti-ti, etc. What fun!" Submitted by Monica Autry, Ft. Bragg, NC

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