Ideas For Boomwhackers®

Boomwhackers® - Are They Worth It?

Submitted by Willard (Bill) Ahlman, Coppell, Texas

Idea posted 2003-10-09

Q: I'm at a Catholic school and have no instruments and no books but some supportive materials that I've purchased. I'm Level 2 Orff certified, but there's no money to purchase the instruments I want. I've been hearing about these Boomwhackers®... what are they? I know they are tubes, but can they be used successfully in the classroom? I'm on a cart - a first for me - and space is limited.

A: MY KIDS LOVE BOOMWHACKERS®. I had planned to use them strictly as ice breakers this past week (the first week of school), and now I have to rewrite next week's lesson plans. We have an assembly the third week of school and it is the birthday of one of our teachers. The 4th and 5th grade classes want to play "Happy Birthday" for her on Boomwhackers®.

This afternoon (Friday), while I was in my room cleaning up, FIVE STUDENTS brought their parents into the classroom and asked me if they could show Mom and Dad the Boomwhackers®! Grade teachers want a set for their classroom, since the kids are always going on and on about them! BUY SOME BOOMWHACKERS®! THE KIDS WILL LOVE THEM!