Ideas For Boomwhackers®

Setting Guidelines Right Away With Boomwhackers®

Submitted by Susan Lovalvo, Michigan

Idea posted 2002-10-02

I am very specific with my kids about the rules. I have them sit on the floor, and I tell them what Boomwhackers® are and what the expectations are for their use. Here are my rules.

1. Keep them in "resting position" on the floor in front of you until you are told to pick them up.

2. You may hit yourself with them, but you may not hit another student with them.

3. No sword or light saber fights!!! (With Star Wars last year, that was a problem.)

4. Hit them gently, no slamming them.

If someone breaks a rule, they sit out until I tell them they can try again. If they break a rule twice in a class period, they are done for that class period. I don't have too many rule breakers after they see that I am serious about it.

Have fun!