Ideas For Boomwhackers®

Boomwhacker® "Notes" for Easy Reading

Submitted by Diane Hamilton, Rochester, New York

Idea posted 2009-09-14

For easy reading and for concerts, I create a Boomwhacker® color chart for each song on a lined or unlined chart, and keep all my Boomwhacker® songs or recorder songs in one chart. I draw a black line after each beat and put the colors that play on that beat in the space (tall rectangle). I usually place the colors in the same place so they can see them. When I get all the notes done, I draw a black line under them all and the students read the next "section" under it, going right to left with each beat in a square. I direct it by pointing to the squares. The students don't read music until later, so the second graders can play the Boomwhacker®. I use markers or dots for the notes. If there is an eighth note, I draw a dotted line between the notes to divide the beat. (Of course there is no such thing as a half note with Boomwhacker®!) I usually write a rest in the square if no one plays.