Ideas For Boomwhackers®

Boomwhacker® Ideas

Submitted by Meredith Harley Inserra, New Bern, North Carolina

Idea posted 2006-08-07

My Boomwhacker® ideas:
1) Put students in pairs. Give paired students two identical Boomwhackers® so they can mirror each other. Have them make up two-note melodies to echo for each other.
2) Same as above, but let them make up two-note question and answer melodies, i.e., each student makes up their own melody, and they "talk" to each other with their melodies.
3) Use them for student-created ostinati for simple songs, especially rounds that have repeated or simple harmony.
4) Have students play simple songs with the Boomwhackers®.
5) Have students play simple chord patterns with Boomwhackers®.