World Rhythms

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by John Higgins and Brad Shank; DVD script by Tom Anderson

Multicultural Resource Of Songs And Ensembles

Pack your bags for an exciting musical journey of ethnic rhythms, instruments, and cultural heritage from around the world. Learn about the origins of Second Line Drumming, Reggae, Salsa, Conga, Samba, and more, what instruments are used and how to play them. Then, experience the sound by forming your own ensemble and play the rhythm along with a song from that particular part of the world. Each ethnic rhythm is presented in a beginning format of 2-3 parts for younger students, and an advanced format of 4-6 parts for older students.

Our eastern trek around the world begins in the United States and continues on to Central and South America before crossing the Atlantic Ocean with stops in Ireland, Africa, the Middle East and Far East, and ending on the island of Tahiti in the South Pacific.

The all-in-one Book/CD format features reproducible songsheets with lyric translations, informative student articles and exceptional lesson plans based on the National Standards, complete with lyric pronunciations, assessment and extension activities, and a CD recording for each song with vocals and accompaniment-only tracks. An instructional DVD is also available (separately or in a kit) with visual instruction on how to play the different instruments in each ethnic rhythm as demonstrated by a percussion expert. Songs include:

(Grades 4-8)

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World Rhythms - Classroom Kit (Book/CD & DVD)
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World Rhythms - Book/CD
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World Rhythms - DVD
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World Rhythms

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