Princess And The Frog, The

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PROGRAM NOTES "The Princess And The Frog" is a fun mini-play for all young at hearts and true believers in magic - and excellent reading motivation as well.

Scenery: No scenery is needed. Signs may indicate "Royal Court" to the right, "Frog Pond" middle stage, and "Witch's Wood" to the left. If you wish to draw a colorful backdrop of a fanciful kingdom, so much the better.

Cast: Everyone in the kingdom is a storyteller in turn, including:

  • 3 Witches
  • 7 Frogs
  • The Royal Family
  • The Princess
  • The Frog Prince
  • and various storybook characters, palace maids, stablemaster, tutor, hatter, and many more.

Costumes: It is always fun to wear party clothes in a storybook play, with a few appropriate touches - crowns for the royal family, feathered hat for the Prince, green leotards for the frogs, hats for the witches, etc.

Duration: 20 minutes

CD CONTENTS (Full Performance and Accompaniment for each song):

  • The Bird In The Happiness Tree
  • Chinese Fortune Cookie Song
  • A Frog Song
  • We Are Witches Three
  • A Frog Song
  • The Bird In The Happiness Tree Reprise