Littlest Pumpkin In The Pumpkin Patch, The

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PROGRAM NOTES "The Littlest Pumpkin In The Pumpkin Patch" is a trick or treat mini-play about a Halloween "happening."

Scenery: No scenery is needed. A sign may indicate "Pumpkin Patch" and you may pin up pumpkin posters wherever there is room.

Cast: Simply divide your class in half. Pumpkins to one side and Halloween Storytellers to the other. There are many parts for one class or several classes combined. Characters include:

  • Mrs. Scarecrow
  • Wise Old Pumpkin Man
  • Little Pumpkin
  • and a lot of Storytellers and Pumpkins who all speak and sing.

Costumes: The Storytellers may be dressed in their own Halloween costumes. The Pumpkins may wear signs with drawings of pumpkins and have a touch of orange somewhere (i.e., orange shirt, orange handkerchief, etc.).

Duration: 20 minutes

CD CONTENTS (Full Performance and Accompaniment for each song):

  • Trick Or Treat
  • The Pumpkin On The Vine
  • The Pumpkin Man
  • Twinkle Twinkle Candlelight
  • It's A Good Old Halloween