Christmas At The O.K. Corral

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (Teacher Edition):

  • Script 1
  • Christmas In The West Piano/Vocal Score
  • Christmas In The West Lyric Sheet
  • Script 2
  • Bart's Theme Piano/Vocal Score
  • Script 3
  • Bubble Gum Goo Piano/Vocal Score
  • Bubble Gum Goo Lyric Sheet
  • Script 4
  • Sticky Situation Piano/Vocal Score
  • Sticky Situation Lyric Sheet
  • Script 5
  • The Kid's Theme Piano/Vocal Score
  • Posters Reproducible
  • Script 6 & 7
  • Tell Me Piano/Vocal Score
  • Tell Me Lyric Sheet
  • Script 8
  • Christmas Is O.K. Piano/Vocal Score
  • Christmas Is O.K. Lyric Sheet
  • Teaching Guide
  • Program Cover Reproducible

CHARACTERS: - speaking parts:

  • Bubble Gum Bart, the bad guy
  • The Candy Cane Kid, the hero
  • Betsy Bookworm, the school marm
  • Scoop, the ice cream saloonkeeper
  • Mayor
  • Mrs. Mayor
  • Ironsides, the blacksmith
  • Pennywise, the general store clerk
  • Quickwhiskers, the barber
  • The Candy Cane Kid's trusty reindeer, Ralph
  • Santa Claus


  • various frontier townspeople
  • various frontier animals (horses, cattle, chicken, etc.)

Teacher's note: Any of the characters, regardless of implied gender, can be played by a girl or a boy. The non-speaking characters are optional.

SETTING: The Old West - The O.K. Corral, near a small town called Snowy Gulch

TIME: Christmas Eve, a real long time ago