Bear-y Merry Holiday, A

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Production Guide

  • Song 1: A Bear-y Merry Holiday
  • Song 2: Dancing On Ice
  • Song 3: Jingle Bears!
  • Song 4: Covered In White
  • Song 5: Panda-monium!
  • Reprise: A Bear-y Merry Holiday

Cast Of Characters

(includes 33 two-line speaking bear parts)

  • Polar Bears
  • Brown Bears
  • Black Bears
  • Kodiak Bears
  • Dancing Bears
  • Teddy Bears
  • Grizzly Bears (perhaps the oldest performers)
  • Panda Bears (perhaps the youngest performers)
  • Any other bears you want to include

Costume Suggestions

For all the bears, buy basic sweat suits. Polar Bears - white sweats. Panda Bears - black sweats. For the rest of the bears, you will have to dye the sweats to meet your needs.

Additional breed-specific costume suggestions are also included.

The Production Guide also includes Introduction, Set, and Staging suggestions.