Assessment In The Music Classroom

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  • Introduction
  • A Ball of Fun; Steady Beat; Internal and Independent Singing
  • Chugga Lugga; Steady Beat; Pitch Matching; Rhythm Performance
  • Hello Neighbors!; Pitch Matching; Rhythm Performance
  • Let Me See What Moves You Make; Improvisation
  • Listen Very Carefully; Pitch Recognition
  • Little Winter Bell; Rhythm Reading
  • Lost My Shoe; Pitch Matching; Steady Beat
  • Rhythm Charades Rap; Rhythm Recognition and Performance
  • Share Your Gift; Steady Beat; Music Reading
  • Sol La Sol Mi Dance; Pitch Recognition; Improvisation
  • Spin Around; Independent Singing; Rhythm Performance
  • Spin the Wheel of Color; Independent Singing; Rhythm Performance
  • Sunny Day/Rainy Day; Aural Recognition; Rhythm Performance
  • Telephone Time; Pitch Matching; Steady Beat
  • Tell Me, Tell Me; Rhythm Improvisation; Independent Singing; Rhythm Performance
  • Turkey Rhythm Rap; Rhythm Writing
  • Walkin' Down the Street; Independent Singing; Rhythm Performance
  • Winter Time Is in the Air; Pitch Matching; Rhythm Performance