Holiday Moosical, A

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  • Production Guide
  • It's All True
  • I Could Fly!
  • Roots
  • Ev'rybody Can Sing
  • A Time For Miracles
  • Reprise: It's All True

The Cast

  • Father Time (the storyteller): He is an old character that could be played by a student or an adult. He is dressed in white with hints of silver and gold. He has a long white beard and walks with the help of a shepherd's staff. He wears a sash with the current year written on it.
  • Candy Canes: As many as you'd like. These characters are outfitted with tag board costumes that are colored with red and/or green stripes. Perhaps their faces could appear through an oval cutout on the tag board.
  • Elves: As many as you'd like. They can be dressed in red and green with elfin hats and curly-toed shoes. They might have pointed ears and noses with very rosy cheeks!
  • Reindeer: Dressed in brown sweatpants. They also wear antlers, white tails, and at least one should have a bright red nose.
  • Christmas Trees: Cut out pieces of tag board or cardboard in the shape of evergreen trees. The tree-shaped cutout could be used in both the front and back of the actor like a sandwich board. They can be decorated with colored lights and Christmas bulbs. Their faces should show through a hole in the tag board.
  • Sugar Plum Fairies:
  • Pink leotards and tutus, as well as sparkling tiaras.
  • Boy Rag Doll: Dressed in gingham shirt and blue overalls. He wears a blue sailor hat over a red yarn wig.
  • Girl Rag Doll: Dressed in gingham too. She has a white apron and a red wig as well.
  • Marty the Moose: Could be a boy or a girl. When "Martin" is used, "Martina" could be substituted. Marty is dressed in brown sweats and should have a hat or headband adorned with big moose antlers.
  • A Songless Bird: Feathered wings strapped to the actor's arm. A headband with some feathers and perhaps a beak attached to the forehead will help with the cute factor.
  • Toy Soldiers: Dressed in military uniforms. Blue or red shirts, or jackets with criss-crossed straps across the chest. A soldier's hat and a toy rifle perhaps. You might want to replace the rifles with a candy cane that you hold over your shoulder. Rosy cheeks are a must.
  • Snow People: As many as you'd like. Dressed in white sweat suits and stuffed with rags to make them round. Stovetop hats, scarves, carrot notes, and so on.
  • Baby New Year: Dressed in white with a diaper and a baby's bonnet. A sash across the chest states the date of the incoming New Year. This could be a great big person or even an adult to make the costume even more comical. They could carry an oversized lollipop too.

In addition to the above, the production guide contains suggestions for the Plot, Set, and Staging, as well as an Introduction and Conclusion.