Go Fish!

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From the Teacher's Edition:

The musical takes place in the ocean. There's a little Tiger Shark who wants to be friends with everyone. They think he's crazy. But he meets a bunch of friends who have their quirks: a seven-legged octopus, an angel fish, a clown fish who isn't funny, a needle fish, a star fish who can't get an acting role, a blow fish with allergies, a tuna fish who can't carry a tune, and so on. Through out the course of the musical, all involved on stage and off are reminded that it takes all kinds of fish to make the ocean the beautiful place that it is, just the way it takes all kinds of people to make the world filled with harmony and color. It would be a dull place indeed were we all the same.

Includes suggestions for casting (18 speaking characters), costumes, set, and staging.


  • Introduction/Production Guide
  • Oceans Of Fun!
  • We're Sharks!
  • Commotion In The Ocean
  • Roundup Under The Sea
  • The Colors Of The Sea
  • Reprise: Oceans Of Fun!
  • Bow/Exit Music
  • Poster/Program Artwork