Music Of Our World

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  • Japan: Hamabe No Uta (Song Of The Beach)
  • Hawaii: Ulili E (The Sandpiper)
  • India: Aeyaya Balano Sakkad (Come Children, Gather Near)
  • Sweden: Sankta Lucia (Saint Lucia)
  • Brazil: Cidade Maravilhosa (Wonderful City)
  • Laos: Dok Djampa (The White Jasmine Flower)
  • South Africa: Singabahambayo (Oh, We Are Marching)
  • Mexico: A La Rueda De San Miguel (Here We Go With The Dance Of Our San Miguel)

Festivals Discussed:

  • Japan: Keiro-no-hi (Respect For The Aged Day)
  • Hawaii: The Aloha Festivals
  • India: Diwali (The Festival Of Lights)
  • Sweden: Saint Lucia's Day
  • Brazil: Carnaval
  • Laos: Pi Mai (Lao New Year)
  • South Africa: South Africa's Freedom Day
  • Mexico: Cinco de Mayo (May 5th - The Mexican Independence Day)