Music Mosaic

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Anna Wentlent

Exploring The Music Of America Through Project-Based Learning A Middle School Music Curriculum

This contemporary collection teaches American music history through student-centered projects. Each of the 15 lessons is intended to prompt risk-taking and the expression of artistic intent, making students the leaders of their own learning. From tracing the culture of an ancestor to forming a student ukulele jam, from creating your own vaudeville show to writing and recording a rap, pick and choose your favorites or use the complete book as a sequential curriculum on the development of American popular music. Many of the projects involve student research and culminate with a slide presentation, making them perfect for distance learning. Core music standards, teacher instructions, reproducible student sheets, and single-point assessment rubrics are included for each project. (Grades 5-9)

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Music Mosaic - Book/Digital Access
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