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A seven year old boy listens to his first concert at Milan's La Scala theater and is enchanted by the magical sounds of the music. "Someday," he confides to his diary, "I hope to conduct this music." Claudio Abbado eventually became Musical Director of the world-renowned Berlin Philharmonic. In The House Of Magical Sounds, he takes us back to his childhood home, a house resounding with music, and recounts the journey that led him to study music and, finally, to the realization of his dream to be a musician. Then we see how he works with the orchestra to bring a musical score to life. With animation and excerpts from live rehearsals and concerts, The House Of Magical Sounds is a film both children and grown-ups will appreciate. As we learn how music speaks to Claudio Abbado, we begin to hear it in a new way ourselves. (All Ages, 50 minutes)

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The House Of Magical Sounds - DVD
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