Match The Melody

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Easy Ear Training For K-5

This collection focuses on the easy melody patterns: so-mi, la-so-mi, so-mi-do, mi-re-do, and la-so-mi-do. Every pattern has three levels of difficulty which will help build skills, comprehension, and confidence.

This resource is sequenced to teach note-reading and solfege (movable do). By matching the melody to the audio tracks, students are learning to recognize melody shape and intervals. This is an excellent tool for training students' aural skills. The teacher guide includes classroom ideas, teacher directions, and answer keys. Your students will love this fun and interactive resource. Included in the downloadable resources are projectable PDFs/PowerPoints® for every level, projectable assessment PDFs/PowerPoints®, and assessment worksheets. (Grades K-5)

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Match The Melody - Both Books 1 & 2 w/Digital Access
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Match The Melody - Book 1 w/Digital Access
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