Americans All

From Hal Leonard

by Cheryl Lavender

A Musical Celebration of America's Multicultural Heritage

We are all one family from sea to shining sea. Salute the unique differences that have shaped America's heritage, and unite together in musical celebration of customs, traditions, and songs. This highly adaptable 30-minute musical revue for unison or 2-Part voices features songs and dances from around the world. The Teacher's Handbook contains short connecting dialog, reproducible singer pages, and cross curricular activities to promote further discussion and appreciation. It also includes a complete production guide for use in the classroom and "on stage," with suggestions for customizing your "celebration" to best fit your needs... all under one cover!

Songs include:

  • Americans All
  • The Winding Trail (Native American)
  • Der Volkstanz (German)
  • Siyahamba (South African)
  • Come Dance A Jig (Irish)
  • Zum Gali Gali (Israeli)
  • Bell Song (Korean)
  • Conga Beat (Caribbean)
  • Partners You And I
  • The Kids Of The U.S.A.

(Grades 1-6)

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