Ready Set Go Orff!

From Hal Leonard

by Cristi Cary Miller and Kathlyn Reynolds

Seasonal Songs, Games And Activities For Primary Grades

Are you "ready" for a way to "set" your students up for music success? Well, let's "go orff!" Using Carl Orff's approach of sing, say, dance, play, this collection will give you multiple ways to introduce your children to the world of music making. Within the pages of this resource, you will find songs that involve singing games, Orff and unpitched instrumental accompaniments, simple choreography and extension activities. In addition, there are colorful interactive slides to assist in learning and playing games.

The collection features reproducible singer songsheets and step-by-step teaching suggestions for the songs, games, and Orff parts. For extra value, projectable, full color song charts are included via digital access and viewed in your browser, so there is no need for special software. Just download the files onto your computer and you're ready to go. These charts include song lyrics and interactive activities for enhanced learning. Songs include: Name Game, 'Round The Circle, Pay Allegiance To America, Little Turkey In The Woods, Decorate The Tree, Make New Friends, Do Your Best, We Are Marching, and more. (Grades 1-3)

Handbook will contain the online access code.

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