Messes Are The Best!

From Lorenz

by Darren Fellows

Sticky, Stinky, Silly Songs

These silly songs are specially designed to encourage young people to sing. Students who are reluctant to sing might just embrace the mess and join in!

The songs lend themselves to lots of movement, facial expression, and general hilarity, all of which will help you to teach important musical skills while your students are just having fun.

Includes: Messes Are The Best, Revolting Recipes, Puddles, Worm And Mud Pie, Use Shampoo! (It's Good For You), Blow Your Nose, Paint On The Floor, Batter Splatter, Put That Mess Away!, and Monsters Under The Bed. (Grades K-3)

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Messes Are The Best! - Book/CD-ROM
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Messes Are The Best
Paint On The Floor

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