Rhythm Rally!

From Lorenz

by Cathy Blair

Six Fun And Fast-Paced Rhythm Games In One!

Included in this kit are six fast-paced games that will help students identify, perform, and improvise rhythm patterns drawn from a variety of musical styles. Essential quarter-note and eighth-note patterns are covered in each fun and educational exercise. The complete game kit includes instructions, rhythm sequence cards, performer cards, 30 player cards, and a CD. The CD contains rhythm patterns in a variety of styles, including rock and techno. Also included are ideas for incorporating percussion instruments and recorders!

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Product Description
Rhythm Rally! - Level 1 - Kit w/CD
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Rhythm Rally! - Level 2 - Kit w/CD
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Hideaway (from Rhythm Rally! - Level 1)
Guitar Bossa Nova (from Rhythm Rally! - Level 2)

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