Making Sight Reading Fun!

From Hal Leonard

by Mary Jane Phillips

Choral Games For Students And Teachers

Making Sight Reading Fun! - is that even possible? This creative resource book by veteran middle school choral director Mary Jane Phillips provides many different games to motivate upper elementary and secondary students to not only work harder on perfecting their sight reading skills, but to have fun while they do it. Along with motivational games like "Eliminator," "Sight Reading Football," and "Trashketball," Mary Jane offers tips and tricks from 27 years spent motivating students to learn to sight read in the most painless way possible. There are short Daily Activities and longer Friday "Game Day" activities - 20 in all - to keep students on their toes and engaged while learning to sight read.

Also included are many sample music examples and a list of resources to use if you need to find more sight reading material. (Grades 4-12)

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Making Sight Reading Fun! - Teacher's Book
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