From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and John Higgins

A "Short" Musical About A Land Of Big Dreams And Curly Toes!

Welcome to Elflandia! Elves are busy making toys for Santa's yearly trip round the world to bring presents to all the deserving humans on the planet. But the reports the elves have heard are not very encouraging. Many humans are grumpy and stressed at holiday time, others are downright sour when they wake up from a nap! Discover what the elves learn about humans when Santa shows up with a real living sample! This holiday musical features five original songs and easy-to-learn rhyming dialog with over 25 speaking parts. The Teacher's Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, a helpful production guide, and digital access to PDFs of melody sheets, lyric sheets, and dialog. To perform with recordings, there are two options: A Performance/Accompaniment CD is available separately, or the Performance Kit/Audio Access includes the Teacher's Edition and digital access to P/A audio recordings. (Grades K-3)

Handbook will contain the online access code.

(Run time: ca. 25 minutes)

Prod. #
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Elflandia - Performance Kit
(Teacher's Edition w/ Online Singer PDFs and Online Audio Access)
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781495060595
Elflandia - Teacher's Edition
(w/ Online Singer PDF access)
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781495060571
Elflandia - Performance/Accompaniment CD
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781495060588

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