From Lorenz

by Loretta Mitchell/ed. by Stephanie Buschur

MusiGames - My First Composition: This book for beginning music students introduces them to the basic tools for composing their own songs. A great way to encourage creative minds! (Grades 3-8)

MusiGames - Note Speller: These exercises for elementary music students use their knowledge of note names to find answers to the many puzzles and games included. A fun way to learn note names on the staff! (Grades 3-8)

MusiGames - Puzzle Play: Designed for upper-elementary music students, these puzzles will challenge students' knowledge of musical terms, symbols, and counting with a variety of fun activities. (Grades 3-8)

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MUSIGAMES - My First Composition - Student Workbook
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MUSIGAMES - Note Speller - Student Workbook
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MUSIGAMES - Puzzle Play - Student Workbook
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