Holiday Plays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) - A Musical Play For Young Children

From Lorenz

by Carol Kaplan-Lyss

Applause! Applause! And wasn't it easy! Even non-musical teachers will love using this simple musical play. Children will bring stories to life through drama, music, art, language, and gross motor activities. Each mini-musical contains a CD and a resource guide loaded with songs, music, and step-by-step directions for classroom use or performance. The CD contains both songs with lyrics, and piano accompaniment only. These plays are loaded with wonderful music and catchy lyrics that children will want to sing again and again!

Planning seasonal performances is a snap using the two lighthearted musicals in this book. Children will love playing the various singing foods that could take the place of turkey at Thanksgiving in "No Turkey for Perky." They will learn alongside the main character from "Bob Humbug, the Christmas Grump" that helping others can make you happy. Hours of extension activities connect the plays with other subject areas, including art, history, animal science, and manners.

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Holiday Plays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) - Mini Musical - Book/CD
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It's Turkey Time

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