Play-Along With The Band

From Hal Leonard

by Tom Anderson and Janet Day

Build your own Classroom Band with 10 play-along jammin' music styles! From country, bluegrass, jazz, and blues to reggae, rock, surf, and more, there is something for everyone. A variety of reproducible instrument parts are included for recorder, mallet instruments, unpitched percussion, and body percussion, so everyone can join in. This flexible series, with suggestions for lower and upper grades, teaches rhythm reading, music notation reading, steady beat, teamwork, and ensemble playing. The enclosed CD offers audio style tracks, with and without the classroom instrument parts for instruction and performance options. This Enhanced CD also offers PDFs of the classroom instrument parts to project or print, and a full teacher score to keep the band together. Band styles include: rock, country, blues, bluegrass, reggae, hard rock, jazz, soul, dixieland, and surf. (Grades 1-6)

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Play-Along With The Band - Book/Enhanced CD
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