Round The World

From Hal Leonard

by Cheryl Lavender

Teaching Harmony With Multicultural Rounds And Canons

From the campfire to the concert hall, singing in rounds and canons is one of the most enjoyable experiences for singers of all ages. As music teachers, we know that successful harmony doesn't just happen. It occurs over time with lots of practice and encouragement. This collection of rounds and canons is a sequential repertoire of kid-tested, no-fail songs to guide students through that developmental process of "finding their voices" in successful harmony. It includes movement and percussion echoes, rounds and canons, speech canons, call and response songs, and song rounds and canons.

The Teacher's Edition features reproducible song melodies with chord symbols, song background, performance tips, piano/vocal arrangements, and a variety of reproducible classroom instrument parts for accompanying options.

Songs include: Tongo, Down By The Bay, Over My Head, Nanuma, Le Carillon, Hashivenu, Mi Gallo, I Love the Mountains, Alles Schweiget, and more. (Grades 2-5)

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'Round The World - Classroom Kit
(Teacher's Edition and Performance/Accompaniment CD)
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