Arthur's™ Music Jamboree

From PBS

With this new DVD, you'll experience the excitement of having a new piano teacher, the fun music of Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman, and the quirkiness of Binky's refusal to play in the school band.

Follow along in Arthur's™ Music Jamboree for incredible adventure. Meet the new piano teacher, Dr. Fugue - an eccentric with a strict personality - in the first fun-filled episode. You'll enjoy watching Buster eat all the chocolate himself, when he tries to sell candy and raise some money for the band. Arthur fans will meet Yo-Yo Ma, travel to a baby show, join up with Arthur for a recital, and much more! In the final episode, you'll even be able to find out what happens to Binky when he refuses to play in the Young Person's Orchestra at Lakewood Elementary.

Episodes include: Arthur Plays The Blues/Buster's Sweet Success; My Music Rules/That's A Baby Show!; Arthur vs. The Piano/The Big Blow-Up; and Muffy's Soccer Shocker/ Brother, Can You Spare A Clarinet? (100 min.)

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Arthur's™ Music Jamboree - DVD
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