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by Alejandro Jimenez

Salsa Music Styles For The Classroom And Beyond

Originally developed and used in urban, multi-cultural settings here in the United States, the works featured in Picante are for all general music classes. Students form their own Latin Music ensembles and explore the highly rhythmic beat of the plena from Puerto Rico, the regueton which is popular among urban Latino youth, the fast two-step beat of the merengue from the Dominican Republic, the bomba from Puerto Rican folk music, and the son from Cuban dance music. These different styles influenced what we now call "Salsa" music.

The kid-friendly ensembles are presented from easy to more difficult. A variety of short, easily-learned ostinato rhythm patterns are played on Latin percussion and Orff instruments and added one at a time, followed by the Spanish and English lyrics. These voice parts are also made up of short ostinato patterns that, when layered in, create easily-sung harmonies in an instant. You can perform all or some of the voice parts, so do what best fits your situation. A helpful teaching sequence, dance steps, and objectives linked to the National Standards are provided for each song, and all ensemble parts are reproducible. The piano/vocal printed score represents the form of each song as recorded on the companion CD available separately or in a kit, and is only a suggested guide to follow. (Grades 5 and up)

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